CREE Syrius Series

Comfort in the urban area. From the need and desire to change the way cities are illuminated is born the concept of the new fixture proposed by Cree lighting, Syrius.

The main idea behind the new “Syrius” is to illuminate the cities of the future with a special focus on improving the lives of residents and those who actively use the streets: drivers. The objective of recreating excellent light and improving the places where people live is achieved both by reducing light pollution and energy costs, but first and foremost by intervening substantially on an important problem that afflicts many cities today, glare caused by LED systems.

The Criticalities of Urban Street Lighting

Poor brightness, poor colour reproduction, multiple shadows and a cold aspect of the light are the main problems that are often present in street lighting today. “Syrius” was born to solve these issues, introducing a new technology that supports the fixture itself in order to allow it to reach maximum efficiency, obtaining an improved visual comfort and a correct perception of the urban scene at night.

The New Stage of Streetlight

The idea of the product was born from a need required by the market, specifically the need to take action on the problem generated by LEDs, glare. Syrius is a luminaire suitable for both street and urban installations, as the patented WaveMax optical unit, waveguide technology, guarantees a better and optimal glare factor compared to other products currently on the market. It is possible to customize both the luminaire’s operating features, choosing from various control options (such as Field Adjustable Output DALI, Virtual Midnight, Flux Regulator, Lineswitch, Sensor Ready) and the finish of the product itself. The luminaire is in compliance with most certifications, CE, CB, ENEC, RoHs and will meet CAM/ darksky friendly requirements.

Cree Lighting Syrius
Cree Lighting Syrius

The Development of the Luminaire

“Syrius” is a luminaire completely designed in Italy and born in order to meet a particular need of the market. From an engineering point of view, the two main design themes focused on the research of a particular optical group able to respond effectively to some important issues on the market, and the search for a material capable of being “environmentally friendly” while maintaining top quality levels at the top of the range.

The fixture has been developed around the “Cree WaveMax®” technology concept, designing the ‘light engine’ of the product so that it can be easily replaced for future updates or maintenance. WaveMax® Technology offers exceptional optical control with an innovative approach by distributing the amount of light exactly where it is needed, no more and no less. These advances in optics and lighting emission have enabled Cree designers to shape the progressive physical design of our luminaires, providing architects and designers with lighting options that combine LED performance and functionality with artistic forms that adapt to any environment. “Syrius” is a highly innovative fixture, which aims to change the logic of the market, starting from the choice of no longer having LEDs in sight, but rather hidden in the optics, and characterized by high technical performance, such as output levels of luminous flux up to 5000 lm and system efficiency values up to 130 lm/W.

The luminaire is proposed to the market as a street light solution for a purely street and urban installation. Thanks to its characteristics it will be able to assure the designer a flexibility of use especially in those particular contexts where it is necessary to guarantee performance together with aesthetics. For example, in areas where the historical or architectural importance of the place is an attractive element of the city, the specifier can prescribe this product obtaining a real glare control and inserting in the layout of his project an aesthetically pleasing element. In many cities, in fact, the advent of LED technology, with the consequent replacement of the previous luminaires, has in many cases generated a lack of attention to this important issue, not only for road users, drivers and pedestrians, but also for a correct perception of places.

The Technical Characteristics:

Small dimensions, about 675 x 280 x 288 mm, the “Syrius” luminaire is made of LiteStrong while the tenon is made of die-cast aluminium. Different colour temperatures are available, CCT 2700 K, 3000 K and 4000 K and colour rendering indexes CRI 70 and CRI80 with an initial CCT LED selection of 4 MacAdam steps. With IP66, an operating temperature from -40°C up to +50°C, and a service life of L90F10 up to 205 khrs Ta=25°, the luminaire is suitable for many road and urban applications.