Pixellation in LED Lighting

Cree Syrius Demonstration Contrast sensitivity is the ability to notice the slightest variation in light intensity (luminance) between two objects or areas adjacent to the surroundings. It is essential to distinguish objects from the background and understand where one begins and the other ends. The WaveMax® optical system in the Cree Syrius makes it possible […]

Dark Sky Approved Luminaires

Excessive use of light has serious repercussions for the community, mental health, biodiversity and also our climate. Light pollution is obscuring our view of the milky way, the stars, moon and planets. This is particularly significant in the context of New Zealand. “For generations, Māori and others have used detailed astronomical knowledge for navigation, to […]

Making People Feel Brighter – Healthcare Lighting

There’s more to designing lighting solutions for the healthcare sector than meets the untrained eye. With the latest lighting products and solutions and comprehensive knowledge of industry compliance and complexity, we can work with you to create a brighter future for patients and health care providers all over New Zealand. When developed and used properly, […]

Re-defining the limits of luminaire design with WaveMax technology

What is it? WaveMax® Technology is a breakthrough in the execution of waveguide technology that challenges industry-standard assumptions of how light is delivered. WaveMax® offers an unparalleled lighting experience by distributing visually comfortable light with exceptional uniformity, high efficiency, precise control and design appeal. WaveMax® Technology facilitates a luminaire design with no visible light source, […]

Introducing Pracht REMADE Technology

AN INDUSTRY LEADING COMMITMENT TO SUSTAINABILITY  In recent years Pracht have demonstrated an industry-leading commitment to sustainability and energy savings. The beginnings of the Pracht sustainable product line started with NAWAROH technology in 2006. NAWAROH® is a material co-developed by PRACHT for waterproof luminaire housings consisting of 98 % renewable raw materials. Not petroleum-based, energy-efficient, and […]

Cree Syrius

Cree Lighting Syrius

The Cree Lighting Syrius was born out of need and desire to change the ways cities are illuminated.

Decorative Street Lighting Poles

Decorative Street Lighting Poles QUALITY COSTS NO MORE At Advanced Lighting Technologies, quality control is paramount. Unfortunately, not all street poles are created equal. Inferior fabrication and paint processes result in reduced longevity and a sub-standard end result. ADLT source only top quality poles at competitive prices for all applications.  CHALLENGES  There are multiple requirements […]

Colour Temperature: 3000K vs 4000K

Tauranga Crossing Carpark

It’s time to re-evaluate the preferred choice of colour temperature for outdoor lighting projects. When LED technology was first introduced, 4000K luminaires offered a higher lumen output, superior efficiency, and a brightly lit environment. It was the obvious choice, transforming streets from saturated yellow High Pressure Sodium to a crisp bright light. At the time, […]

The Basics of LED Sports Lighting

Harbourside Netball

Indoor Sports  –  Outdoor Sports Sports, recreation and leisure facilities are vital to any local community. They assist in promoting a healthy lifestyle and can contribute to social inclusiveness, engagement and interaction. In many cases, local sporting facilities become a hub for the community, so it’s vital these assets are well maintained to enable continued […]

LED Lighting Explained

LED Lighting Explained

A light-emitting diode (LED) is a two-lead semiconductor light source. It is a basic pn-junction diode, which emits light when activated. When a fitting voltage is applied to the leads, electrons are able to recombine with electron holes within the device, releasing energy in the form of photons. This effect is called electroluminescence, and the […]

LED Driver Inrush Currents

‘Inrush Current’ of a LED driver refers to the input current of short duration that flows into the LED driver.

IP & IK Ratings Explained

IP Rating IK Rating

When browsing our spec sheets or catalogues, you may have seen an IP rating (such as IP66) or an IK rating (like IK08) listed alongside a luminaire as a selling point or a feature. You may know that the IP rating somehow relates to waterproofing, and the IK rating relates to impact resistance, but do […]