Gisborne, New Zealand
Gisborne CBD Under Veranda Lighting
Lights, camera, action!

As part of the Gisborne CBD lighting upgrade, the under veranda area on Gladstone Road needed an overhaul. The existing light levels in this area were too low and poorly distributed, reducing the effectiveness of the existing surveillance cameras. In order to achieve more light at face height, the resulting design is a creative concept, based around lighting verticals with luminaires mounted to the existing streetlight pole infrastructure


The major challenge for this project was to use the existing street pole infrastructure with the goal of increasing vertical light levels in the under veranda area. The Gisborne district council have had challenges in the past with low light levels affecting their ability to accurately capture surveillance footage in the area. The design also had to factor in glare for both pedestrians and oncoming traffic.


The Pracht Tubis N offered the ideal solution. Designed to meet subcategory P7, specifically a point vertical illuminance of 4 lux. The end result offers improved light levels and distribution. Increasing the quality of the surveillance camera footage and enhanced security in the city centre.

The Tubis N features a tubular housing made of PRACHTOPAL (PMMA and impact resistant). This housing eliminates any glare issue, both for pedestrians and oncoming traffic by diffusing the light. The fitting also features a 120 deg internal reflector. Vertically mounted on the existing street poles at a height of 2.4 meters, the luminaires are barely noticeable and seamlessly blend into the modern aesthetic of the CBD.


  • Creative solution for unique application
  • Increased security and surveillance capabilities in the CBD
  • Low glare solution

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