Footscray, Victoria, Australia
FAB9 Makerspace
Making It Happen

The FAB9 Makerspace in Footscray offers thinkers, entrepreneurs, hobbyists and designers the opportunity to work with high-end prototyping and manufacturing equipment in a safe and collaborative environment.

Advanced Lighting Technologies supplied much of the interior lighting to this innovative and unique facility, including luminaires designed to thrive in challenging environments from German innovator PRACHT.

FAB9 is made-up of five distinct labs. Each lab is designed for working with different equipment and materials. The high-end prototyping and manufacturing equipment available to FAB9’s members includes table saws, belt sanders, 3D printers, laser cutters, a CNC router and a wide range of power tools and hand tools.

Providing adequate light to ensure a safe and productive environment for both members and staff was of the utmost importance. Due to the precise nature of activities occurring at FAB9, an average horizontal light level of 400 lux was required across all workshop areas in the facility.

Even with regular cleaning and dust-extraction technology in use, the type of work being undertaken at FAB9 means sawdust, fumes and other particles becoming airborne is inevitable. Any lighting solution being considered would need to withstand such an environment. The luminaires were also suspended from the ceiling at a 45 degree angle, giving this makerspace a modern and distinctive look.

The PRACHT Tubis BL was chosen as the primary luminaire for FAB9’s workspaces. The Tubis BL offers high-end specifications, performance and German engineering at an economical price. It can even be pressure-washed and sanitized at high-temperatures without jeopardising the electrical components within.

The Tubis BL is also acid and alkali resistant, making it suitable for use in industrial or agricultural applications where fumes could be an issue. Both the luminaire cover and housing are made from a high-quality PMMA blend, and feature a tubular shape designed to inhibit the gathering of dust and other particles.

In a manufacturing environment, choosing an appropriate luminaire for the conditions is essential, and the PRACHT Tubis BL provides the perfect solution for FAB9 – offering high-performance, cost effective lighting.

Comfortably meeting the required average horizontal light levels across all workspaces, the Tubis BL also provides excellent colour rendering, important for applications where precise, intricate tasks are performed.

The tubular nature of the luminaire means dust gathering surfaces are minimised, reducing the regularity of cleaning requirements, while the PMMA housing shields the LEDs within, minimising glare and distributing up to 6,500 lumens of even light across workspaces.

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