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Flinders Street Station
The White Light Project

In 2015, the Victorian Government announced a $100m refurbishment of Flinders Street Station.

The station is at the heart of Melbourne’s metropolitan rail network, handling over 200,000 passenger journeys each day. Some areas of the building required upgrading and restoration, while commuter access and facilities were also due to be upgraded. Advanced Lighting Technologies were engaged to supply LED lighting along the platforms throughout the entire station.

The existing high-pressure sodium lighting had fallen behind Metro Trains Melbourne’s (MTM) platform illumination standards, and an upgrade was required. Consulting firm WSP Australia were engaged to undertake the upgrade. Dubbed “The White Light Project”, the new solution had to comply with MTM’s standards without compromising the station’s unique heritage and architectural features.

A number of luminaires were identified as possible candidates, with each included in a detailed 3D model to help ensure glare, reflectance and shadowing wouldn’t interfere with CCTV equipment or disrupt train driver’s vision of their surroundings, including signalling. There was one clear winner.

The Cree CPY Series LED luminaire offers up to 20,000 lumens with outstanding efficacy, and is capable of reducing energy use by more than 60% compared to traditional light sources.

After a brief trial and feedback from a range of stakeholders, the decision was made to roll the Cree CPY Series out across the entire project. In order to maintain Flinders Street Station’s heritage appeal, it was decided a correlated colour temperature (CCT) of 3500K would best suit the project; warm enough to match the station’s architecture, without affecting safety and visibility along the platforms.

The upgrade has been a resounding success, achieving full compliance with MTM’s platform illumination standards from day one, without disrupting the view of CCTV cameras or the effectiveness of train signalling equipment. Train drivers have also acknowledged a vast improvement in visibility and quality of light.

Advanced Lighting Technologies are extremely proud to have played a small role in the refurbishment of such a grand old building like Flinders Street Station, helping to ensure it continues to serve the people of Melbourne for generations to come.

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