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Advanced Lighting Technologies has been providing innovative lighting solutions for over 25 years, offering a comprehensive range of products for a wide variety of applications. Find the perfect lighting solution for your next project and see how our technology and expertise can bring your vision to light.
Portland Feature
Portland Series
Poles & Accessories

This pole's smooth curves offers timeless style, which enhances any public space.

Porchester Feature
Porchester Series
Poles & Accessories

Features a simple and elegant design which will attract attention in any urban landscape.

Oxford Feature
Oxford Series
Poles & Accessories

An understated, yet functional solution for path or post-top applications.

Madison Feature
Madison Series
Poles & Accessories

A simple and understated contemporary light pole design that is distinguished by the clean right angles.

Capella Feature Edited
Capella Series
Poles & Accessories

Featuring clean lines and right angles, the Capella Series is a simple yet elegant choice for any public space.

Sol by Sunna Design EverGen
EverGen Series
Solar Lighting System

A self-contained solar LED lighting solution, ideal for car parks, street and site lighting applications.


Sol by Sunna iSSL
iSSL Series
Solar Lighting System

An extremely reliable all-in-one solar lighting solution - the result of 10 years of research and development.


Venture Lighting VLED Hyskeir Highbay
VLED Hyskeir

A premium high-efficiency, low-maintenance LED luminaire designed in a classic highbay style.

ADLT Square Steel Pole
Square Pole Series
Poles & Accessories

ADLT Square Poles set the standard for outstanding strength and reliability.

Cree Lighting CPY Series
CPY Series
Canopy / Soffit

Features a slim low-profile design and can be mounted on virtually any canopy/soffit ceiling.

Cree Lighting OSQ High Output
OSQ High Output Series

Changed the standard for high output lighting - One OSQ High Output can replace multiple metal halide fixtures!

Cree Lighting Minimal

Features a modern, sleek design with outstanding performance and a choice of optics and control options.


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