iSSL Series

Solar Lighting System

The Sol by Sunna Design iSSL Series is an extremely reliable all-in-one solar lighting solution and the result of 10 years of research and development.

All the products in the iSSL® range offer unrivalled performance, thanks to its high-density NiMH battery technology and patented energy management system (EMS) that ensure optimal efficiency throughout the year.

Fully plug & play, the installation of a lamp post has never been as simple and quick as with the iSSL® range. iSSL® is a solar-powered lighting solution perfectly suited for parks, pathways, parking lots, and general area applications.

The Sol by Sunna Design iSSL® is the only all-in-one solar light to offer multiple lighting optics combined with custom lighting profile programming, allowing the product to be tailored to each of your projects.

Documented options represent just a small portion of the iSSL Series offerings. Contact ADLT for other site-specific information. 

Sol by Sunna iSSL
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