Harkin Roofing

(ADLT) was fantastic to work with. Brad and I were so impressed at how (they) educated us on lighting and then really tried to understand our business so that the lighting design was bespoke. We look forward to working with ADLT on another project in the near future.

Knox Leisureworks

YMCA are committed to operating a fully-compliant centre and we take comfort knowing the lighting is one thing we won’t have to worry about for the foreseeable future.

More FM

When our new LED lights were turned on for the first time in the More FM Arena – we were blown away with the increased lighting levels. It was like going into a different venue. We have had nothing but positive feedback from all of our sport and event users. Any concern that LEDs give […]

Tauranga Crossing

NDY believe the Cree OSQ to be a great solution for a large area outdoor carpark lighting project such as Tauranga Crossing. Their wide range of optics means all requirements were easily met, and the end result is an aesthetically pleasing and high performing lighting installation.

Moana Springs

The PRACHT Quadronius Pool has been an excellent choice for the pool LED lighting. There were many factors to consider in a high use public area where safety is a priority. This high-quality fitting has exceeded our expectations in our pool environment.

Gisborne CBD

The Gisborne District Council couldn’t be happier with the creative lighting solution the team at ADLT came up with for our CBD under veranda. The luminaires look fantastic and have also significantly increased security in the CBD.


Our tennis courts have really come to life since installing the LED floodlights. We love the instant switch on, and colours look brighter and more vibrant under the LED lights. Thank you again for your service and your great product.

Manganui Road

The Cree luminaires have greatly enhanced both the day and night aesthetics. The Tauranga city council is pleased to have made the transition to LEDS for this project.

BP Connect

I rate (the CPY Series) right up there for ease of installation – 18 fittings installed within two hours!

Blackwells Car Yard

The Edge HO ticks all boxes from technical, aesthetic, & operational aspect. The installation looks good and works well.

Ararira Springs

The CityMax meets the requirements of the above in an efficient and reliable form with excellent light distribution and competitive pricing

St Pauls

“An interior lighting solution specifically designed for an educational facility should provide more than just functional light or energy efficiency, and the luminaires supplied as part of this redevelopment do exactly that; helping to improve the wellbeing of staff, students and visitors while creating a positive environment that encourages learning and collaboration.”