Tauranga, New Zealand
Electrical Engineer
NDY Auckland
Tauranga Crossing Car Park
Trend-setting in Lighting Performance

Tauranga Crossing is the newest shopping centre in the Bay of Plenty.

“A benchmark in local design, Tauranga Crossing has been created with the region’s celebrated climate and lifestyle in mind, with a true emphasis on making the most of the outdoors and all it has to offer.”

With an estimated 1500 carparks projected upon completion and the central carpark area being an integral part of the centre’s design, the luminaire chosen had to meet both strict performance and energy efficiency requirements, as well as complementing the carefully thought out aesthetics of the build.


The challenge for this project was to choose a luminaire that could maximise energy efficiency without compromising on light quality or the aesthetics of the luminaire itself. Light levels had to meet strict criteria to ensure that the carpark is both safe and appealing for pedestrians and vehicles.


The Cree Lighting OSQ Area & Flood Light was chosen for this carpark application. The OSQ is the ultimate high-performance fitting offering excellent illumination performance. Featuring extreme optical control, the OSQ delivers light precisely where needed. In this carpark application that allowed for generous pole spacings and an energy efficient overall solution. The OSQ also offers added architectural appeal with its timeless design, complimenting the aesthetics of the site.


  • Architecturally pleasing luminaire
  • Energy efficient solution
  • Excellent illumination performance

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