Sponge Bay, Gisborne, New Zealand
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Gisborne District Council
Sponge Bay Car Park
As Predictable As The Sun

The Sponge Bay Car Park in Gisborne is a popular tourist location, especially at night thanks to the incredible sunsets and vista views.

Quality lighting in the carpark is crucial to maintain the security and safety of this popular spot. The isolation of this location, 5km from any power source meant that a self-contained solar solution was required.


The existing solar solution lasted only two years before the light output diminished, the control system was vandalized and the luminaire/poles rusted out. Therefore, the challenge for this project was to supply a long life, reliable light source with predictable light output throughout the year. A fit and forget solution, backed by comprehensive product warranties.


The Evergen M Series is a robust outdoor solar lighting solution, perfect for this isolated project. Two Evergen M units were used on octagonal Vicpoles with a total of two Cree XSP luminaires. The XSP luminaire is subjected to 5000hr salt fog testing, ensuring it is perfectly suited to the harsh New Zealand coastal environment.

The Evergen M Series offers location specific system sizing based on 20 years of real world NIWA data, used to create algorithms for reliable light output throughout the year. The specialised optics of the Cree XSP ensures compliance to lighting standards for the lifetime of the installation. All components are located at the top of the pole, heavily reducing accessibility for theft and vandalism.

To ensure peace of mind for Gisborne District Council, the entire system is backed by comprehensive warranties. Ten years on the luminaire, control system and pole, five years on batteries and twenty years on the panel.

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