Boronia, Victoria, Australia
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Knox City Council
Knox Leisureworks Aquatic Centre
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When Knox City Council decided to upgrade the metal halide lighting surrounding the indoor pool in their biggest aquatic and recreational centre, they engaged a number of suppliers to quote on the project. After conducting a thorough review, Advanced Lighting Technologies were selected based on cost, product quality and warranty terms.


Indoor swimming pools are warm humid environments that can challenge even the best electrical components. Moisture in the air can leach in and often results in reduced performance, lowered life expectancy and even failure. A luminaire with high-levels of ingress protection is essential.

Compliance with AS 2560.2.5-2007 is also essential – there needs to be sufficient light for lifeguards to see the entire pool and everyone using it. Glare should also be minimised to ensure a comfortable and pleasant visual experience for all pool users.


Featuring precise German engineering, the PRACHT Quadronius is a unique and innovative LED high- bay perfect for use in challenging conditions. It features shortened, age-resistant silicone seals that provide more protection than a standard IP-65 rated fitting, preventing the damage moisture can cause over time.

In some variants, the Quadronius’ internal components also receive a special lacquered coating during the manufacturing process, designed to further protect the driver from moisture and aggressive chlorine vapours. This special coating is what separates the Quadronius from the competition – there’s simply nothing else on the market like it.


Replacing the existing, outdated 400W metal halide luminaires with the 147W LED Quadronius immediately increased visibility and reduced the centre’s lighting energy consumption, but the benefits don’t end there. With its high ingress protection rating and specially-designed shortened seals, the Quadronius is designed to comfortably operate within Knox Leisureworks for years to come.

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