Katikati, New Zealand
Homewood Park Tennis Club
Game, Set & Match!

When Homewood Park Tennis Club decided to light up their new tennis court, they carefully weighed up the pros and the cons of LED versus the metal halide fittings they historically used. The LED luminaire ADLT recommended is an ideal solution for new builds and also a suitable one for one replacement for most existing 1000-watt metal halide luminaires.


The challenge was to get enough light, with an even distribution, onto the court with a low pole mounting height of 7 metres. To meet the AS 2560.2.1 Lighting for outdoor tennis standards the lighting solution needed to provide 350 Lux on the principal playing area and 250 Lux on the total playing area.


The Holophane HMAO (High Mast Advanced Optix) was chosen as the ideal lighting solution. In terms of cost, the HMAO offers a comparable solution to metal halide fittings with many additional benefits including reduced maintenance and energy cost savings. The HMAO comes in a forward throw optic that provided the even light distribution and required light levels at the low mounting height to comply with the standards mentioned above.

The luminaires provided a low glare solution, with improved colour rendering and the added benefit of instant switch on. In terms of maintenance, the HMAO luminaires feature glass optics & vertical ventilation slots in the heat-sink chassis that work together in creating a self-cleaning optic. The heat generated by the LEDs helps to channel cooler and denser air across the low static optical glass surface thus preventing the settling of dust particles and enhancing the lumen maintenance of the luminaire.


  • One-for-one metal halide replacement
  • Low glare
  • Low maintenance
  • Light Fittings – Manufacturer’s Warranty of 5 years

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