Tauranga, New Zealand
Harbourside Netball
At The Top Of Its Game

The Harbourside Netball project exemplifies how carefully considered product selection and design delivers an exceptional result, that not only exceeds expectations, but sets a new benchmark for sports lighting projects around New Zealand.

When Harbourside Netball Tauranga built 10 new courts, they required them to be illuminated to the Australian Standard AS2560 for competition level play. There are many aspects to be considered including the quantity and quality of light, measured by the colour rendition, uniformity and glare control.

The lighting solution provided by Advanced Lighting Technologies was the Arianna Petrarca LED Floodlight. This fitting distributes light uniformly onto the target area, while producing minimal glare and zero upward waste light. This solution was also 20% above the required standard for uniformity.

Note: The Arianna Petrarca has been superseded by the Arianna Petrarca 2.0, which features higher lumen packages, more mounting options and more.


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