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Blackwells Holden & Mazda
Blackwells Holden & Mazda
Outshining The Competition

When Blackwells Holden & Mazda required an outdoor LED lighting solution for their display vehicle area, ADLT supplied them with high-output Cree Lighting luminaires to help them outshine the competition, day & night.


High illuminance levels of 50 lux was required to effectively showcase the display vehicles, ensuring Blackwells Holden & Mazda stand out from the crowd. Typical of car yard applications, Blackwells is situated adjacent to a major thoroughfare. In contrast to the merchandising light levels on the cars it was critical to minimise spill light over the boundaries, both onto the road and into neighbouring properties.


Designed especially for automotive dealership front lines, exterior retail applications and other high-lumen applications, the Cree Edge High Output showcases inventory in vivid white light. Re-defining what high output illumination performance can be and providing a lighting solution that is just as beautiful as it is practical.

Note: The Cree Lighting Edge High Output is now a legacy product and may not be available in all variants. Contact us for more information on a suitable replacement!

Display vehicles stand out with clean bright light provided by 4000K illumination. The high levels of 50 lux maintained, ensured the vibrant colours of the vehicles ‘pop’ and created a bright and welcoming feel to the car yard.

Backlight shields provide precise cut-off behind each luminaire to minimise spill light over critical boundaries and the chosen optic shaped the light pattern to fall within the display target area. The result sees controlled, high levels of merchandising light within a very confined outdoor space.

Dimmable drivers were also used so that the fittings could be turned down during certain hours to avoid reflections on the showroom windows.


  • Excellent day-time/night-time aesthetics
  • Clean white light
  • Field adjustable driver
  • Approximately 50% energy savings
  • Light Fittings – Manufacturer’s Warranty of 10 years
  • Light Fittings – Application Life of 20 years

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