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Product choice is crucial when lighting indoor pool environments. Pool applications offer a unique combination of environmental and performance challenges. When it was time to upgrade the high-bay lighting in the Moana Dive Pool from Metal Halide to LED, Dunedin City Council chose Advanced Lighting Technologies NZ to supply the right luminaires for the job.


The environment of an indoor swimming pool is aggressive. In such open air pool facilities corrosion of light fixtures can occur due to the combination of chemical/chlorine vapours, high humidity and high ambient temperatures. For Moana Dive Pool the selection of the luminaire was critical to ensure longevity for the application.

The second key consideration in re-lighting Moana Dive Pool was to provide appropriate levels of illuminance over the pool, around the walkways and on the diving platforms and boards without causing glare which would affect the everyday users of the facility.


The Pracht Quadronius Pool is an LED high-bay designed to withstand the aggressive indoor swimming pool environment due to special components and coatings. It is designed for a temperature range from -40°C to 45°C and is Rated IP66.

To minimise glare issues, the Quadronius uses precision optics to provide a 65 degree beam of light to hit the targeted areas and limit source glare.


  • Comfortable lighting for swimmers, life guards and spectators

  • Quality product that will withstand the aggressive environment 

  • Energy savings switching from Metal Halide to LED 


Moana Dive Pool, Dunedin


Dunedin City Council


Mel Levings - Southern Cross Lighting


September 2017

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