Growth of ADLT Lighting Group

The ADLT Lighting Group successfully acquired Cree Lighting US, E-conolight, and Cree Lighting Canada on September 8th 2023, marking a significant milestone in the company’s ambitious growth strategy.

This acquisition follows that of the groups earlier purchase of Cree Lighting Italy in June 2022, and the acquisition of the rights to manufacture and sell HID and LED products bearing the EYE and other Iwasaki trademarks in the US and Canada, along with the “Applied Optix” business specialising in spectrographic services and equipment earlier in 2023.These strategic moves have enabled ADLT Lighting Group to achieve its goal of becoming one of the world’s foremost lighting companies.

The enhanced lighting platform achieved through these acquisitions, coupled with the significant manufacturing capabilities in Racine and Florence facilities, positions the ADLT Lighting Group for continued global growth and innovation in the lighting industry.

Sabu Krishnan, CEO of ADLT Lighting Group expressed his enthusiasm of the new acquisitions with the below statement.

“I want to welcome all of the members of Cree to the ADLT Lighting Group family. I encourage each one of our ADLT family members, new and old, to take this opportunity to renew your excitement in being part of a great family of companies and unite with me in support of our commitment to accelerated growth and leadership in the lighting industry. Let’s embrace this tremendous opportunity and start a great journey of personal and professional achievement. Thank you all for your continuing loyalty and hard work.”

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