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A lighting solution specifically designed for an office environment should provide more than just functional light or energy efficiency. It should also aim to improve the well-being of employees and visitors while creating a positive, productive environment for working and collaborating.

Advanced Lighting Technologies can supply a complete office and commercial building lighting solution, including offices, showrooms, utility areas, warehouse, factory and more.

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Office & Commercial
Comfortable Ambiance
Installing a low-glare & flicker-free LED lighting solution can help to increase visual comfort for workers spending long periods under artificial lighting.
Office & Commercial
Human Centric Lighting
Recent research has suggested the colour temperature of light could play a role in people’s health and well-being. Human Centric Lighting (HCL) aims to match the colour of lighting with our bodies’ circadian rhythm.
Office & Commercial
Make A Statement
Our range of stunning architectural luminaires can add a touch of elegance or boldness to foyers, atriums, reception areas, boardrooms and more!
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