At Advanced Lighting Technologies (ADLT), customer-driven innovation is nothing new. Together with our partner companies, it has been our constant focus for nearly a quarter of a century. In that time, ADLT have helped revolutionise the lighting industry by making high-quality, sustainable LED lighting affordable and easily available.

ADLT have grown into a fully integrated, leading lighting solutions company, providing Cree products that have the most installed outdoor luminaire run time of any manufacturer – more than one billion hours and counting.

ADLT provide an expert customer service and design team that supports businesses overcome any challenges they face. This combined with Cree’s broad set of world class LED solutions will ensure you are backed by industry leaders in this ever more demanding market place.

ADLT’s outdoor luminaires, feature Cree BetaLED® Technology and are recognised throughout the world for excellence.

ADLT provides solutions that improve illumination performance, help businesses consume less energy and require less maintenance than traditional lighting solutions.  ADLT remains at the forefront today, developing lighting solutions that improve both our customer’s spaces and their bottom lines.


Save up to 50% off your power bills

With new builds or retrofit of existing facilities, ongoing electricity and maintenance costs can be reduced by as much as 60% without sacrificing high light levels.

Switching to energy saving luminaires from Advanced Lighting Technologies for interior task lighting and exterior car park and perimeter lighting deliver payback periods as short as one year. In a typical large distribution warehouse, converting from traditional Metal Halide High Bays to LED will result in significant savings.

Contact Advanced Lighting Technologies for a review of lighting options at your business facilities.



Lighting Solutions

Focusing on energy conservation and longevity, we provide optimised lighting solutions for big box retail, exterior and interior car parking, canopies, warehouses, factories, roads, and walkways. Our products also fit many, many other applications which are showcased within the pages of this website.


Qualified Staff

Staff training is a major priority for ADLTNZ. Whether it is specific to Illumination Engineering, customer service or distribution, ADLTNZ staff are fully conversant with each of their workplace sectors so that the customer experience remains efficient and professional. We have seven staff qualified in Illumination engineering at either MIES or TechIES level and an eighth half way through the course at Massey now.


Energy Savings

The introduction of LED to the lighting industry has paved the way for significant energy savings to be achieved in most market sectors. The precise optical control and fixture efficacy, combined with the ease at which LED can be dimmed or switched has significantly increased energy saving potential. Our validation methodology will leave you in no doubt as to the achievable results.


Product Guarantees

All brands promoted by ADLTNZ are covered by comprehensive manufacturers’ warranties. Whether it is the industry leading 10 Year Warranties provided for the Cree products or the 5 Year Warranties provided by Pracht, Flextronics, and Carmanah, peace of mind is secure through all project channels.


Lamp Replacement

With literally thousands of metal halide lamps still operating in the New Zealand installed base, the Venture range of lamps and control gear meets any maintenance requirement. Comprehensive stocks and knowledgeable customer services teams allow maintenance to be carried out promptly and efficiently.


25+ years Industry Experience

As a New Zealand lighting provider and as individuals, ADLTNZ offers peerless experience in the lighting market. A long serving and established team offer 150+ years of combined industry experience. We are established and yet at the leading edge of technology awareness so you can feel confident that you will receive the best advice and secure solutions for any applicable lighting application.

  • Let our experienced team help you

    light up your world.

  • Work with ADLT to create the very best illumination in the market.

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Ebony AshtonInternal Customer Service

Abhishek WaliSenior Lighting Engineer

Terence SueLighting Engineer

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Ron MatsonSales Administrator

Greg ThompsonSupply Chain Officer

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Alex BygraveMarketing & Communications Coordinator

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